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  • PIM Solutions to Keep Your Piping Systems Leak Free and Online




    Millions of miles of pipeline carrying everything from water to crude oil circumnavigate the globe. The pipe is often susceptible to damage by internal and external corrosion, cracking, and manufacturing flaws. Operators who have the best Pipeline Integrity Management (PIM) programs achieve it by successfully integrating their processes, documentation, program metrics, and organization to achieve higher levels of integrity into a well-functioning system. And they achieve better integrity while spending less over the life of their assets.

    At BOYUAN, we provide a variety of inspection and repair services to verify the integrity of pipeline equipment and quickly repair damaged components, saving time and reducing costs. We work hard to help anticipate integrity problems, scrutinizing data and analyze failures when these occur. The focus is to eliminate small problems before they become major headaches, utilizing solid integrity programs to address these and other issues in detail.


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