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    The FP360 sc digital UV fluorescence probe is designed for the reagent-free determination of mineral oil impurities directly in the medium or in the bypass. The low maintenance, easy-to-clean sensor is long-term stable and reliable, and detects even the smallest traces of oil. The robust probes are made of stainless steel or titanium so the FP360 sc is also applicable for aggressive media.

    The FP360 sc can be connected to all SC controllers thus providing versatile output options including 4-20 mA Output, Modbus RS485, Profibus, or Hart.
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    Even the smallest oil traces can impair water quality. The FP 360 sc is specifically designed to detect traces of mineral oils in water while providing the necessary value and benefits for a positive return on investment. Sensor monitors surface water, process water and industrial water continuously. It has a submersible probe design and comes with the optional cleaning unit. Calibrate once every two years. Available in stainless steel or titanium.
    • Lowest Cost of Ownership
    • The Right Technology for the Right Price
    • Minimal Maintenance
    • Reduced Laboratory Testing
    • High Sensitivity and Selectivity
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     There are critical areas throughout the process where measuring TOC online is vital:
    • Measuring Influent water to know how to best pretreat your sample
    • Measuring process water to control product quality and to protect critical equipment
    • Measuring re-use streams to save money on water polishing costs
    • Measuring effluent water
    All these tests are vital to maintain compliance with local, state, and national regulations.